Yield farming involves staking or locking up LP tokens in a smart contract-based liquidity pool. Simply put, you lock your tokens in the protocol and you receive rewards. Yield farmers can earn from transaction fees, price appreciation, high yield, etc. Estimated yield farming returns are calculated annually, thus approximating the returns you would expect to gain over the course of a year.  Commonly used metrics for the rate of returns include APY/APR, with APY including the effects of compounding interest and APR excluding. Yield farmers can bring investors a good profit. Instead of just having your cryptocurrency stored in a wallet, earn more crypto by yield farming.

  1.  Go to app.gamespad.io. To start farming, go to Pools > Farming Pool in the sidebar. 
  1. Click on the box to access the extended version of the pool. 

3. On the right, in the “Deposit” section, type in any amount of BUSD or hit “MAX”. 

4. Press “Approve”.

5. Press “Confirm” in your MetaMask wallet.

6. Please wait patiently, then click “OK” > “Deposit BUSD/GMPD LP”. 

7. Confirm the final transaction in the wallet and then click “OK”.