The popularity and value of NFTs are growing exponentially. The NFT trading volume added up to nearly $11 billion USD in 2021. NFTs are important as a unique digital asset created and traded via blockchain technology and also offer proof of authenticity. An NFT can be a digital asset of any kind, such as art, images, videos, music, memes, and tweets.

GamesPad NFTs are taken from parts of the best-applied uses in the industry and brought together to create an exclusive and important digital asset opening the door to the entire GamesPad ecosystem. GamesPad NFTs have been woven into the fabric of our model and in order to take advantage of our game-focused launchpad, decentralized VC, NFT  marketplace, cross-chain yield aggregator, farming services, or game incubator, users will need to acquire the GamesPad NFT 

The ability to purchase a GamesPad NFT from entry-level through top tier allows investors of all kinds to benefit from this emerging trend. To learn more about the unique benefits and attributes of GamesPad NFTs for today and the future of tomorrow, keep reading.

Ownership of exclusive artwork

As much of our current knowledge of NFTs is rooted in the art world, the exciting NFT designs by GamesPad reflect that love of art and design. GamesPad NFTs are expertly crafted, featuring themes from the combined worlds of wise ancient elite fighters and the innovation of cyborgs. These unique pieces mimic the broader vibe of GamesPad and relay a sense of empowerment to the owner as they utilize the digital asset to expand their investment range.

Access to investment opportunities on GamesPad

To access deals via the GamesPad launchpad, users must purchase a GamesPad NFT and the appropriate amount of GMPD tokens in accordance with 1 of the 5 tiers. This provides a two-pronged access opportunity where the investor becomes the owner of both a unique digital asset and GamesPad tokens.

Below are the 5 tiers with their corresponding NFTs and minimum token requirements needed to activate each tier. 


Amount: 4000 BOT NFTs

Value: $1.5K NFT + 1.5K GMPD Tokens


Amount: 1500 Cyborg NFTs

Value: $6K NFT + 4K GMPD Tokens


Amount: 250 Android NFTs

Value: $15K + 12K GMPD Tokens


Amount: 100 Humanoid NFTs

Price: $30K NFT + 25K GMPD Tokens

Crypto Ninja

Amount: 60 Crypto Ninja NFTs

Price: $60K NFT + 50K GMPD Tokens

True win-win for all NFT owners

Every buyer invests under unique circumstances and has distinctive goals, therefore GamesPad decided to approach investment opportunities with the same intentional selectiveness. Each NFT represents a different tier that provides access to the platform. The more monetary investment, the higher the tier and the wider range of opportunities the tier offers to buyers. Depending on what the goals of the investor are, there is an associated NFT tier to suit their needs, the greater the investment, the greater the reward. A true win-win opportunity.

Limited edition

As limited edition artworks, GamesPad NFTs are rare and highly valuable. Because only a finite number of NFTs are released, then only a select number of people will have access to the investment opportunities on GamesPad. This means the number of NFT tiers will remain stable, increasing their rarity over time and compounding their worth. A highly desirable advantage for any interested buyer who wants to become a core participant in a new startup.

N.B.: GamesPad keeps the right to increase amounts in the future if we see the need.

Potential for the future

The impending power of the metaverse is creating more avenues for investment opportunities especially around NFTs and their usefulness in this digital landscape. GamesPad NFTs can be traded and sold in the metaverse, creating a wealth of potential for these rare gems. On top of that NFTs can be used in future games created by GamesPad. The company has plans to dynamically expand the opportunities that holding these NFTs can provide, including additional in-game opportunities of the projects that GamesPad will incubate in the near future.