LP Tokens are provided to liquidity providers on decentralized exchanges. When you add your tokens to a liquidity pool, you receive your (LP) tokens and share in your pool’s trading fees. As an example, if you add GMPD and BUSD into a liquidity pool, you will receive Cake LP tokens.

Depositing your Cake LP pool tokens in our GamesPad farms allows you to earn a dynamic annual percentage yield and harvest GMPD tokens as rewards. Here is a quick guide on how to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap. 

  1. Visit pancakeswap.finance website. 
  2. Go to “Trade” submenu on the top left > the “Liquidity” column. 
  1. Here, press the “Add Liquidity” button. 
  1. Select any token you’d like to use for this operation.
  1. In the second field, import $GMPD by pasting the token contract address: 0x9720ca160bbd4e7f3dd4bb3f8bd4227ca0342e63
  1. Now, type in any amount of tokens you wish or press the “MAX” button. 
  1. Click “Supply” > “Confirm Supply” > “Confirm” in your MetaMask wallet. 
  1. Now, it is time to “Add Cake-LP to MetaMask”.