1. Go to app.gamespad.io
  1. Click on “Connect Wallet” on the top-right.
  1. Choose Metamask as shown on the image.
  1. Click on “Next” in the MetsMask window.
  1. Hit the “Login” button on the top-right of the GamesPad interface to start the registration process.
  1. Click “OK” here.
  1. Now, type in your email address. 
  1. Confirm that you’re a real human. 
  1. Complete puzzle tasks and click on “Verify”. 
  1. Press “Next” and check your email inbox. GamesPad will send you a verification email.
  1. Click on the link in the letter. 
  1. On the registration page, click on “Sign and Finish Registration”. 

13. Click on “Sign” in your MetaMask wallet. 

Always download MetaMask from the Official Site!