Solflare is an all-in-one digital wallet solution for Solana. Whether you’re a newbie or a crypto veteran, Solflare is here for you. Find out how to register a Solflare wallet.

  1. Go to > “Add to Chrome.” 

2. Here, click “Add to Chrome” > “Add Extension.”

3. Go to the extensions puzzle icon on the top right and pin the wallet. 

4. Now, you have to access Solflare web wallet. 

5. Create a new password for the wallet and then confirm it by typing it in again.

6. Here you are given a seed phrase. Please download it and only THEN copy to clipboard. 

7. Once ready, click on that “I wrote down my mnemonic” button. 

8. Now, open that loaded phrase to your browser and you’ll see the same document. 

9. Highlight the whole phrase by clicking “CTRL+A”, then copy and paste the phrase to each box.

10. To do it quickly, go to the very first box, press “CTRL+V” and each word matches its own box automatically.

Well done, you’re all set!