Here is a quick guide on how to lock in GMPD tokens on GamesPad.

  1. Go to Go to > Dashboard.

2. Click on “Lock-In Tokens.”

3. Please read the terms attentively for locking your tokens and press “I am sure.” 

4. Type in any amount of $GMPD tokens you’d like to lock.

5. Once ready, click on the “Lock-In GMPD” button. 

6. Confirm the procedure in your MetaMask wallet > click “OK.” 

7. Please patiently wait and confirm the transaction once again. 

8. If you want to unlock GMPD tokens, press “Unlock Tokens” on the same page. 

9. Type in any amount of the GMPD tokens you’d like to unlock in this field. 

10. When ready, click on “Unlock GMPD.”

11. Confirm the operation in your MetaMask wallet > click “OK.”

12. Confirm the transaction once again.