The GamesPad platform incorporates the following services:

Game focused launchpad

GamesPad allows users to participate in the most exclusive game-focused public sales by locking/staking/farming GMPD tokens and locking/staking GMPD NFTs. Through our strategic partnerships, we will support and host top-tier projects that aim to disrupt the current gaming landscape and take the entire industry to astronomical heights. GamesPad will assist in executing IDOs, provide post IDO support, liquidity tools, technical advisory, marketing, and so much more.  

Decentralized VC

Through our Decentralized VC component, GamesPad allows users to participate in exclusive presale projects via our two-pronged tiered system. Our founders have a track record of investing in many of the crypto industry’s top-performing gaming projects to date, and as a result, the GamesPad platform has an inherent intelligence framework in place. 

In addition to integrating an elaborate ecosystem with a robust set of decentralized VC features, we are dedicated to pushing the gaming industry forward. To help identify any aggravating risk factors, GamesPad will ensure user compliance to AML/ KYC regulations without exception. 

Staking/farming services

With the explosion of Decentralized Finance, investors are increasingly looking towards strategies for making passive income without the risk of trading away their gains. GamesPad has implemented Staking and Farming services allowing users to stake or farm their GMPD tokens and NFTs securely while earning a lucrative APY and rewards. 

Game incubator

GamesPad will incubate game entrepreneurs and their teams offering assistance with product development, product promotion, project management from inception to launch of their newly designed game on the global markets. Our core team has an extensive network of partnerships, connections, and a proven track record of aligning with the gaming industry’s top executives. 

NFT aggregator & marketplace

GamesPad is your gateway to participating in the purchase and sale of the most exclusive NFTs. Our NFT aggregator and marketplace will collect and visualize real-time data around NFT assets and their trading volume across different blockchains. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends and optimize your NFT purchase and investment decisions through our platform.

Yield aggregator

A yield aggregator allows users to generate income from their cryptocurrency assets through yield farming. Returns can vary significantly between platforms, thus manually tracking yields on each platform can be quite tedious. Our yield aggregator will simplify and improve the user experience. We will offer retail investors a careful and unique risk management strategy based on their chosen personal risk tolerance profile without any manual work utilizing staking or  farming pools

In-house blockchain gaming studio

Our in-house gaming studio is currently under development. GamesPad will gather the best game designers and developers under one roof and bring the best gaming concepts to life. Play-to-earn, MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), PvP (player vs. player), PvE (player vs. environment), NFT, and metaverse — these are just a few of the game features that we’re going to develop in house.