Once you configured your wallet and added Binance Smart Chain Network, you can add the GMPD token to it. MetaMask displays standard BEP-20 tokens on your account under the Assets tab.

1. Go to Assets, then scroll down to the bottom to Import tokens.

2. Select Import tokens, and choose Custom Token. Then add the following information to the fields:

Token Contract Address: 0x9720ca160bbd4e7f3dd4bb3f8bd4227ca0342e63

Token Symbol: GMPD

Token Decimal: 18

If you use the correct Token Contract Address, MetaMask may automatically assign the Token Symbol and Decimal. Click on Next to continue.

3. Confirm adding the GMPD token by clicking on Import Tokens.

Congratulations! You have successfully added GMPD tokens to your MetaMask wallet.