In each deal investors can find detailed information to include: Deal type, deal price per token,  deposit, target network, start/end times, and tentative TGE dates.

Below you can find detailed information about each category:

Type: GamesPad Launchpad offers three types of deals: Venture Capital, Initial Dex Offerings and Initial NFT Offerings.

Deposit: While joining a deal requires Locking/staking/farming GMPD tokens and locking an NFT, each tier has a specific ticket size investors can obtain using a specific currency. Currently, GamesPad Launchpad deals utilizing  BUSD currency.

Target Network: The network in which you will receive your vesting tokens.

Start: The time and date when investors can join the deal.

End: The time and date when the deal is finished and investers can no longer join it.

Vesting: The process by which locked tokens are released over a period of time. (please note some projects will have a cliff within their vesting schedule. A cliff is the amount of time that must pass before a project begins to release tokens).

Vesting percentage: The percentage of  tokens investors will receive within each vesting interval.  

Vesting Duration: The total period upon which users will receive all their tokens.

Vesting Interval: The period between each token distribution.

Token Generation: A token Generation Event (TGE) is the initial period in which tokens are released publicly out into the market.